Oathkeeper Earrings - Sterling Silver Sword Earrings - Gothic Jewellery Model wearing Oathkeeper Earrings - Sterling Silver Sword Earring - Black Feather Design
Oathkeeper from £47.41
Introducing "Oathkeeper," a sterling silver sword earring inspired by the distinctive clasp of our best-selling Conquered bracelet. This gothic, brutal & meticulously crafted earring is available as a singular statement or a pair. Complete the set and forge a bold connection with the Conquered bracelet. Whether worn alone or as a pair, "Oathkeeper" is a testament to your unwavering commitment to authenticity and honour. Redefine your style and make a statement with this exceptional piece of gothic jewellery. Dimensions: Sword Only: 27mm x 11.3mm
Sterling Silver Celtic pattern Ring with black gem by Black Feather Design Sterling Silver Adjustable Tibetan Ring - Black Feather Design
Tibetan Wreath £82.12
The Tibetan Wreath ring provides a heavy and eye-catching investment piece. The wreath is intricately detailed and cast in 925 Sterling Silver, while the little black gem adds an extra bit of flair. This can be an everyday ring and yet it's unique enough to set itself apart from other, more traditional rings. The ring's design means that it can fit most fingers (minimum Size 9 US).
925 sterling silver bone cross stud earrings Ben Poole Wearing Black Feather Sterling Silver Earrings
Apostate from £28.32
The Apostate. They are crafted in 925 sterling silver, with two femurs interconnected and designed to look entwined in a rope to create the cross.  Some of our gothic jewellery is cast to strike the eye immediately; while these are small, they're bound to captivate as we squeeze as much detail front and back in these fine little pieces of macabre. Available as a pair or as a single stud. Dimensions 10 x 8mm
Black and White photo wearing the Sterling Silver Boo Signet Ring
"Boo" Signet £51.21
Get spooky with this 925 Sterling Silver Ghost Signet Ring. Small/Medium: Adjustable from ring sizes 5-8 Large/XL: Adjustable from ring sizes 9-12 This is a perfect ring for those looking for a little mini statement piece. Hallmarked with the official Black Feather Design Logo and 925 Silver Stamp. 10mm diameter on the ring face.
Bloodstock Signet Ring - 925 Silver - Black Feather Design Bloodstock Signet Ring on hand - 925 Silver - Black Feather Design
BOA Signet x Bloodstock £176.66
Inspired by the epic Bloodstock shield emblem, we created this signet to be the perfect pinky ring for the larger hands but also sits powerfully as an index finger piece for the smaller needles. Represent the BOA crest in heavy metal. Cast with 925 sterling silver. Dimensions: Signet Face: 25mm x 25mm Band: 11mm Don’t know your/their ring size, we’ve got you covered. You can either measure your finger yourself using our RING SIZE CHART.  Full Information 
S’Tan Skull Drop Earring on model - Bloodstock - Black Feather Design S’Tan Skull Drop Earring on model - Bloodstock - Black Feather Design
S'Tan Drops x Bloodstock £86.66
An intricately detailed 3D skull of S’Tan attached to an 11mm sleeper hoop. We meticulously crafted this design to have insane amounts of depth of detailing to bring this brutal demon to life. Inside the skull is hollow to keep the weight of this beast to a minimum so they don't pull on your ear, making this such a comfy wear. Cast with 925 sterling silver. Dimensions (S’Tan only): 12 x 6mm Full Information 
S’Tan Skull Stud Earrings - Bloodstock - Black Feather Design S’Tan Skull Stud Earrings - Bloodstock - Black Feather Design
S'Tan Studs x Bloodstock from £56.60
These tiny studs of the legendary S’Tan have all the detail crammed into them. So much so you can count the teeth on these bad boys. We’ve rounded the tips of the horns so he can sit comfortably on your ears all day long. Cast with 925 sterling silver. Dimensions: 12 x 6mm  Full Information 
Enchanted Rose Enchanted Rose, Death's Head, Boo Signet rings by Black Feather Design
Enchanted Rose £61.22
Ornately detailed from the rose to the thorned vine that wraps around your finger. This beautiful "Enchanted Rose Ring" is adjustable to fit any finger you choose and cast in 925 Sterling Silver To capture more attention to the thorn-wrapped vine on the side of the ring, we recommend wearing this on the index finger to show off the ring in all its glory.
Sterling Silver Gothic Rose Stud Earrings - Black Feather Design Model wearing sterling silver rose stud earrings by Black Feather Design
Rose Studs £47.31
925 Sterling Silver Rose Stud Earrings. The petals wrap around each other making this a beautifully detailed little set. Uniquely cast to bring out the depth of the rose and highlight the layers that create this flower. Create the set and get the matching Adjustable Rose Ring that goes perfectly with this pair of studs.
Skull Stud Earrings - Sterling Silver - Gothic Earrings Skull Studs
Skull Studs from £37.31
925 Sterling Silver Skull Stud Earrings. Our updated skull stud earring design features intricate detailing that brings these studs to a new level. The skull shape is carefully crafted to give a realistic look, with every line and curve given the utmost focus. The added depth and texture make these studs so detailed that you could count the teeth!  Finished with our signature style and hallmarked with the BFD logo inside. To say we are obsessed with skulls is an understatement—brutal and anatomically correct styled pieces of macabre. Size: 6 x 9 mm
Sterling Silver Sword Pendant. Gothic Jewellery For Men Sword Pendant - Sterling Silver - Gothic Jewellery
Conquerer's Sword £101.10
The Conquerer's Sword. Cast in 925 Sterling Silver, this brutal pendant beholds the skulls of three fallen warriors, making this a perfect feature for any conquerer to wear on their neck. The tip of the sword is softly rounded to not conquer your skin upon wearing. Necklace length 60cm
Hanging Conquerer Hanging Conquerer
Hanging Conquerer from £47.16
The Hanging Conquerer. Cast in 925 Sterling Silver, These brutal earrings behold the skulls of three fallen warriors, making this a perfect feature for any conquerer to wear on their ears. The hilt and style represent the Carolingian sword (Viking Sword) in fine detail. During the Viking Age, the Carolingian Empire was central for advanced sword-smithing. As a result, the area produced the best quality weapons found in Central and Northern Europe. The tip of the sword is softly rounded to not pierce your skin upon wearing. Dimensions: 7mm x 33mm
Maya Skull Studs Sterling Silver Skull Studs on Model - Black Feather Design
Maya Skull Studs from £18.00
Cast in 925 Sterling Silver, with intricate detailing resembling the Mayan Sun & Skull. To the Mayan culture, the sun signifies enlightenment, productivity, and divinity. No other civilisation regards the sun as highly as the Mayan civilisation. Skulls to the Mayan culture have a lot more of a positive meaning than the macabre Western point of view. They serve as an important reminder of living life to the fullest and honouring people who passed on with love & courage. This blend between the Mayan Skull and Sun is connecting these two powerful symbols that have such a beautiful meaning together in a little pair of studs.
925 Sterling Silver Kudo antelope stud earrings 925 Sterling Silver Kudo antelope stud earrings
Antelope Earrings from £21.14
These beautiful mini 925 Sterling Silver Kudu Skull Studs come as pair and are perfect for any lover of the macabre. Intricately detailed with the antelopes antlers twisting around themselves and made mini as a subtle gothic statement. Stud size: 7mm x 18mm
Brutal Huggie
Brutal Huggie £20.00
Huggie Hoop earrings with our signature textured and weathered look, keeping this snug hoops subtle with a brutalist gothic edge. Cast in 925 Sterling Silver Sold as a pair. Dimensions: 13mm x 2mm
Dinosaur Egg Pendant - Black Feather Design Dinosaur Egg Pendant - Black Feather Design
Dino Egg Necklace £74.11 £104.11
Genuine Dinosaur Egg Shell Pendant These egg shells are from the "Saltasaurus" (Herbivore) of the Cretaceous period. Found in Argentina/Patagonia - 66 million years ago. Get a piece of genuine prehistoric history around your neck with this stunning dinosaur eggshell pendant. Encased in a 925 Sterling Silver clasp, each shell is unique and varies in shape while all being a similar size (as close as I can match). There is minimal stock for these shells, so once they are gone, they won't be coming back! Dimensions: 40mm x 40mm