Stainless Steel Spinner Ring with skulls by Black Feather Design Stainless Steel Spinner Ring with skulls by Black Feather Design
Skull Spinner - CLEARANCE £12.00 £30.00
CLEARANCE STOCK. The last remaining stock of these skull spinners. These items have slight blemishes, or inaccurate oil dips on skulls, reflected in the 60% clearance discount This spinner ring features our signature skull; every skull is individually dabbed in oil and baked through, giving each one its own identity and care and hallmarked with the Black Feather logo on the inside of the spinner. Covered in skulls, and it spins. All your gothic and anxiety needs in one spinner. Not sure what your ring size is? Use our RING SIZE CHART here to help find the best fit.
Sterling Silver Love Heart Earrings - Black Feather Design Silver Love Heart Studs on model - Black Feather Design
Love Potion Studs £25.11
These beautiful 925 Sterling Silver Heart studs are the perfect cute accessory for a little gothic love. Finely detailed little potion jar with thorn vines wrapping around the centre. An excellent gift for your Wiccan friend/partner who loves to create and craft their spells.
Papa Johns Pendant - Sterling Silver - Gothic Jewellery Papa Johns Pendant on model - Gothic Jewellery
Stranger Bling £51.12 £101.21
LIMITED EDITION! We've teamed up with Papa Johns to create the ultimate Pendant. Papa Johns commissioned us to reimagine its fan-favourite sauce as its first-ever item of jewellery. The perfect collector's item. The Stranger Bling necklace is forged in oxidised 925 sterling silver – a precious metal that is believed to repel vampires and werewolves – and is hinged to replicate the opening and closing of a real sauce pot. The pot has been crafted to fit a unique Halloween keepsake – a real garlic clove – which can be replaced with another tiny treasure. Also inside the pendant, we've stamped another surprise for the wearer – a mini pepperoni pizza with a missing slice. That pizza slice appears on the necklace’s belcher chain, as a charm detail. The unisex jewel, presented in an eco-friendly display box, features in a new teaser film, which spotlights the inspiration and craftmanship behind this one-of-a-kind accessory. Watch the Stranger Bling trailer HERE. Pendant size: 30mm x 12mm Chain Length: 50 - 55cm
Skull Earring - Gothic Earrings - Black Feather Design Model wearing Black Feather Design Jewellery
Hollow Head £43.11
Cast in 925 Sterling Silver, with intricate detailing of a hollowed skull. Empty of the concerns of living beings and free from the restraints of our inner demons. At the same time, skulls can be seen as a symbol of death. It symbolises the beauty of our mortality to make the most of this brief period, for we do not know what awaits us on the other side. Sold as a pair. Drop Length: 36mm Skull: 23 x 6.5mm
Catacomb cuff bracelet - Sterling Silver - Black Feather Design Catacomb
Catacomb £169.85 £212.31
The inspiration for this sterling silver gothic cuff bracelet came from a visit at the Sedlec Ossuary in Czech Republic when my band toured through Europe with Joe Satriani. This small ossuary contains skeleons of betewen 40,000 - 70,000 people artistically arranged into decorations and furnishings. It’s truly a stunning macabre location. It features intricate detailing of skulls and bones shaped into a cross encircling the entirety of the bracelet. The frame of the Catacomb Bracelet is designed to resemble the brickwork of the Ossuary’s surroundings, adding a touch of realism to this macabre piece. Each skull and femur is expertly crafted to ensure a sense of realism, making the bracelet perfect for those who love to embrace their dark side. I designed this as a matching set to pair with the Crypt Ring.
Haunted Signet Ring - Sterling Silver Chunky Ring Ben Poole Wearing Gothic Jewellery by Black Feather Design
Haunted £96.66 £161.11
This chunky Dead Collective Signet ring is made of 925 sterling silver and features a moth carved on the top. Two skulls adorn either side, creating an ominous composition in line with our gothic touch to design. The textures around the ring give it a worn and weathered look, while the rounded inside ensures this ring is comfortable to wear all day long. Face Dimensions: 20mm x 14mm *Do you want to buy someone this ring as a surprise but don't know the right size for them? Select "GIFT 9" on the size options, and we will ship out a size 9 ring (our most commonly sold size) with a free RING SIZER to help accurately measure their finger, so if you need to exchange size we can get the best fit.