Curb Chain Spinner £14.99
This Beautiful Stainless Steel Spinner ring will appease all your fidget needs. The chain in the centre is loose around the bend so you can spin it to your hearts content
Death's Head Moth £15.00
This stunning Adjustable Death Head Moth can make a small and bold statement wherever you choose to wear it. The Death Head Moth has a symbolism to strong individuals who defy death and embrace their surroundings.Let your jewellery choice be an extension of your inner expression. If you have allergies to alloys we now also cast this ring in 925 Sterling Silver. Click HERE to see
Mountain Ring from £30.00
Mini Ring Adjustable from size 5 - 11 USLarge Band Adjustable from size 7 - 14 USKeep your love of the mountains close to your heart with this beautiful 925 Sterling Silver Adjustable Mountain & Forest Ring. After such an amazing response to the mini band, I wanted to create something with a thicker wider band to offer another option for a bigger statement.This Mountain Ring connects you to your inner love for nature and all its beautiful shapes and sights. The powerful dominant mountains and life giving trees all a part of what makes us feel alive and brings us back to what's important in life. Travelling and seeing the world with your own eyes. Let this ring bring alive your inner wanderlust
Blue Eyed Owl Ring £50.00
Crafted with intricate details in the feathers and beak accentuated by the oxidised 925 Sterling Silver and bright blue eyes. This little Owl Ring is a stunning feature to add to your collection that is adjustable to fit most fingers. For all the bird lovers out there.
Agate Stone Skull Bracelet from £22.00
Natural Stone & Copper Colour: This 2 piece set with an elastic chord can fit most wrist sizes. The natural smooth stone is comfortable around the wrist with the twisted edge of the skull and detailed band.
T-Rex Ring £50.00
This beastly 925 Sterling Silver T-Rex is a big feature piece for your hands to behold! This ring is also adjustable to fit comfortably around your finger (Recommended Ring Size US 8-12). The skull is intricately detailed even down to the detail in the teeth. A perfect gift for any dinosaur lover or Jurassic Park fan! NOTE: Please adjust the band to fit your finger with care.
Death's Head £45.00
925 Sterling Silver, finely detailed from head to tail with an antique silver look. A play on the Deaths Head Hawk Moth that makes a perfect addition to your gothic ring collection. Made adjustable to fit most fingers comfortably. The Death Head Moth has a symbolism to strong individuals who defy death and embrace their surroundings.  
Wandering Bear Ring £45.00
Made from 925 Sterling Silver this beautiful wandering bear ring is adjustable to fit most fingers and wrap its story around your finger. Intricately detailed with the tree line creating the outline of the bear as he wanders through with birds flying high. A perfect gift for the outdoor adventurer and lover of all things wild and outside.
Rabbit Ring from £45.00
Make a bold statement with this beautifully detailed Adjustable 925 Sterling Silver Rabbit Ring. The miniature gold coloured carrots framing either side of the rabbit's face with the piercings hanging freely from its right ear make this a truly unique piece to your collection.
Death Moth Studs from £20.00
These stunning Death Head Moth Earrings make a perfect match with our best selling Deaths Head Moth Ring.   The Death Head Moth has a symbolism to strong individuals who defy death and embrace their surroundings.
Black Feather Design Gift Card from £10.00
Not sure what to buy, but want to treat someone to something Macabre, then use our gift card!


All of our packaging is 100% recyclable and ecologically sourced!

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