Femurs Bracelet - Gothic Silver Bracelet - Black Feather Design Femurs Bracelet On Model - Gothic Silver Bracelet - Black Feather Design
Ossuary from £237.14
Introducing our 925 sterling silver Femur Bracelet. The bracelet is crafted with anatomical attention to detail, featuring intricately designed femur bones. Each bone link in the bracelet is a testament to the delicate balance between life and death, capturing the essence of mortality with a beautifully unsettling charm. The T-clasp is adorned with our signature half-skull emblem. Whether worn alone or paired with our other pieces, such as the Femur Drop Earrings or Femur Pendant, it's the perfect choice for those who embrace the darkness, inviting intrigue and fascination wherever it's worn. Due to high demand current completion date 6 is weeks from order. Dimensions: Individual Bones Only: 33mm x 11mm
Conquered Bracelet - Sterling Silver Sword and Skull Clasp - Black Feather Design Jesse Roach - Killswitch Engage - Gothic Jewellery
Conquered £342.11
The conclusion to our conquered range comes in this brutal 925 sterling silver heavy weight bracelet.  Uniquely created to be an interactive piece of jewellery where the sword slides through the skull and acts as a clasp.
Catacomb cuff bracelet - Sterling Silver - Black Feather Design Catacomb
Catacomb £169.85 £212.31
The inspiration for this sterling silver gothic cuff bracelet came from a visit at the Sedlec Ossuary in Czech Republic when my band toured through Europe with Joe Satriani. This small ossuary contains skeleons of betewen 40,000 - 70,000 people artistically arranged into decorations and furnishings. It’s truly a stunning macabre location. It features intricate detailing of skulls and bones shaped into a cross encircling the entirety of the bracelet. The frame of the Catacomb Bracelet is designed to resemble the brickwork of the Ossuary’s surroundings, adding a touch of realism to this macabre piece. Each skull and femur is expertly crafted to ensure a sense of realism, making the bracelet perfect for those who love to embrace their dark side. I designed this as a matching set to pair with the Crypt Ring.
Lonley End Bracelet - Skull Bracelet - Black Feather Design Skull Bracelet - Beaded Bracelet - Gothic Jewellery
Lonely End £51.21
The centrepiece of this stretch bracelet is our intricately detailed gothic sterling silver anatomical skull charm, complete with finely detailed teeth and hollowed-out eyes that stare deep into the abyss. Every detail has been carefully sculpted to leave no compromise. We've also included our signature femur cube charm, adorned with the Black Feather Design Logo and weighted to keep the skull charm sitting atop the wrist. We worked with our favourite matt black agate beads to contrast with the aged silver finish to make these charms stand out. And if you're looking to make a set, this bracelet pairs perfectly with our Skull And Femur Bracelet. Order yours today and show the world your dark side! Charm & Bead size: 9mm
Skull and Femur Skull and Femur - Beaded Bracelet - Natural Stone
Skull and Femur £73.11
Three 925 Sterling Silver Skull Charms and our signature Femur Bone Cube threaded between Black Matte Agate style beads and strong elastic chording. All the skulls are anatomically correct in their detailing to bring a darker sense of macabre to the piece. Two heads thread the beads through their jawline to crown the centre skull on top of the wrist.  The Femur Cube has the Black Feather Design iconography etched into each face and is cast with more weight to keep the bead sitting at the bottom of your wrist to help keep the centre piece skull as the main feature of this brutal bracelet. The moss agate style beads are 8mm in size—a beautiful compliment to the ever-growing gothic jewellery collection. Our favourite design yet.
Stainless Steel Ram Skull Bracelet with natural lava stone beads Ben Poole Wearing Ram Skull Bracelet by Black Feather Design
Ram Skull Bracelet £27.12
A Stainless Steel Ram Skull surrounded by beautiful black Lava beads and glass stones of blue & green. The chord is adjustable to help fit varying wrist sizes from 17-21cm. Lava Stone is a grounding stone that strengthens one's connection to Mother Earth. It gives us strength and courage, allowing us stability through times of change. It provides guidance and understanding in situations where we may need to "bounce back". A calming stone instrumental in dissipating anger. In addition, it promotes positive changes where needed in behavioural issues. I wanted to blend the calm and connection with Mother Earth by having the little "Earth Beads" bring attention to the gothic centrepiece of the Stainless Steel Ram Skull.