Haunted Signet Ring - Sterling Silver Chunky Ring Ben Poole Wearing Gothic Jewellery by Black Feather Design
Haunted $125.00 $208.00
This chunky Dead Collective Signet ring is made of 925 sterling silver and features a moth carved on the top. Two skulls adorn either side, creating an ominous composition in line with our gothic touch to design. The textures around the ring give it a worn and weathered look, while the rounded inside ensures this ring is comfortable to wear all day long. Face Dimensions: 20mm x 14mm *Do you want to buy someone this ring as a surprise but don't know the right size for them? Select "GIFT 9" on the size options, and we will ship out a size 9 ring (our most commonly sold size) with a free RING SIZER to help accurately measure their finger, so if you need to exchange size we can get the best fit.
Skull and Femur Skull and Femur - Beaded Bracelet - Natural Stone
Skull and Femur $95.00
Three 925 Sterling Silver Skull Charms and our signature Femur Bone Cube threaded between Black Matte Agate style beads and strong elastic chording. All the skulls are anatomically correct in their detailing to bring a darker sense of macabre to the piece. Two heads thread the beads through their jawline to crown the centre skull on top of the wrist.  The Femur Cube has the Black Feather Design iconography etched into each face and is cast with more weight to keep the bead sitting at the bottom of your wrist to help keep the centre piece skull as the main feature of this brutal bracelet. The moss agate style beads are 8mm in size—a beautiful compliment to the ever-growing gothic jewellery collection. Our favourite design yet.
Tiger Skull Studs Tiger Skull Studs
Tiger Skull Studs $80.00
"Hey, all you cool cats and kittens", there may be a new favourite for Carol Baskin! 🐅 Cast in 925 Sterling Silver, these Tiger Stud Earrings are a bolder statement for your ears. A lot less subtle than some of the other best sellers at 17mm long and 12mm wide. The jaw is hinged, giving this set of tigers a life of their own on your ears.
Maya Skull Studs Sterling Silver Skull Studs on Model - Black Feather Design
Maya Skull Studs from $24.00
Cast in 925 Sterling Silver, with intricate detailing resembling the Mayan Sun & Skull. To the Mayan culture, the sun signifies enlightenment, productivity, and divinity. No other civilisation regards the sun as highly as the Mayan civilisation. Skulls to the Mayan culture have a lot more of a positive meaning than the macabre Western point of view. They serve as an important reminder of living life to the fullest and honouring people who passed on with love & courage. This blend between the Mayan Skull and Sun is connecting these two powerful symbols that have such a beautiful meaning together in a little pair of studs.
Sterling Silver Skull Pendant - Gothic Jewellery - Black Feather Design Dead Skull
Dead Skull from $121.00
This Anatomically styled Sterling Silver Skull Pendant is part of our ever-expanding collection of macabre. Hinged at the lower jaw, so the mouth opens and closes, giving this pendant its own life as it hangs around your neck. The chain itself is also made of sterling silver and given a rough-edged look to match the style of the skull pendant, making this pair a dark, brutal theme to help accessorise your inner goth. Large Skull - 18mm x 20mm - 60cm Chain Medium Skull - 14mm x 15mm - 60cm Chain
Large Stainless Steel Skull Ring - Black Feather Design Skull Ring - Stainless Steel - Gothic Ring
Classic Skull $39.00
The ring that started it all! This awesome, heavy stainless steel Skull Ring resonates with something important to our ethos. We aim to keep all of our skulls and detailing less stylised and more realistic. The "cartoony" pieces aren't our vibe, and we want to provide you with brutal yet real-looking designs. Get ready for the updated 925 Silver Ring! Read more about it and see the process HERE. Not sure what your ring size is? Use our RING SIZE CHART here to help find the best fit. Cast in Stainless Steel Height: 33mm Width: 20mm      
Stainless Steel Spinner Ring with skulls by Black Feather Design Stainless Steel Spinner Ring with skulls by Black Feather Design
Skull Spinner - CLEARANCE $16.00 $39.00
CLEARANCE STOCK. The last remaining stock of these skull spinners. These items have slight blemishes, or inaccurate oil dips on skulls, reflected in the 60% clearance discount This spinner ring features our signature skull; every skull is individually dabbed in oil and baked through, giving each one its own identity and care and hallmarked with the Black Feather logo on the inside of the spinner. Covered in skulls, and it spins. All your gothic and anxiety needs in one spinner. Not sure what your ring size is? Use our RING SIZE CHART here to help find the best fit.
925 Sterling Silver Skull Pendant - Gothic Jewellery - Black Feather Design Ben Poole wearing Black Feather Design Gothic Jewellery
Mors Vincit Omnia from $100.00
Mors Vincit Omnia - Death Conquers All This pendant is a sentiment of the life we are born into and the fragility of our existence. This gift we are given is short and full of incredible and terrifying experiences; the only inevitable outcome in life is our death. The essential part of life is how we choose to live.⁠ Chain and pendant made from 925 Sterling Silver ⛓💀 Pair with the new “Black Feather Design” Belcher Chain. If just "Pendant" is selected, a wax rope necklace will be sent in place of the Belcher Chain. 
Gothic Skull ring in 925 Sterling Silver by Black Feather Design Ben Poole wearing Black Feather Design Gothic Jewellery
Twin Skulls $82.00
Cast in 925 Sterling Silver crafted to have a worn/weathered look with an antique silver finish. This Small Adjustable Twin Skull Ring is perfect for wearing on your pinky or third finger as a subtle gothic feature. The Twin Skulls represent facing mortality and embracing the reality of what beholds in the unknown—facing eye to eye with the unachievable nature of immortality. Let these skulls wrap their story around your finger. Recommended Ring Size - US 5.5 - 8.5
Skull Stud Earrings - Sterling Silver - Gothic Earrings Skull Studs
Skull Studs from $49.00
925 Sterling Silver Skull Stud Earrings. Our updated skull stud earring design features intricate detailing that brings these studs to a new level. The skull shape is carefully crafted to give a realistic look, with every line and curve given the utmost focus. The added depth and texture make these studs so detailed that you could count the teeth!  Finished with our signature style and hallmarked with the BFD logo inside. To say we are obsessed with skulls is an understatement—brutal and anatomically correct styled pieces of macabre. Size: 6 x 9 mm
Stainless Steel Raven Skull Pendant - Black Feather Design Raven's Skull gothic pendant - Black Feather Design
Raven's Skull $42.00
The Raven's Skull. A stainless steel-heavy feature piece to wear around your neck. This pendant comes with a 60cm stainless-steel box chain. Get your inner Viking on or your inner Darkness out with a bit of macabre. Pendant Size: 30mm x 43mm Chain Length: 24 Inches