Deer Studs 925 Sterling Silver Deer Studs - Black Feather Design
Deer Studs from $29.00
These beautiful mini stag skull studs come as pair and are perfect for any lover of the macabre. Intricately detailed from antler to jaw as a subtle gothic statement. Cast in 925 Sterling Silver. Size: 6mm x 11mm.
Frank Studs Frank Studs - Donnie Darko - Black Feather Design
Frank Studs $41.00
Frank The Rabbit. Inspired by the legendary Donnie Darko movie, these little Frank, The Rabbit stud earrings are a perfect addition to your macabre collection of jewellery. Cast in 925 Sterling Silver, this set is 14mm in height and 7mm in width. Sold as a pair. "All around me are familiar facesWorn out places, worn out faces".
Maya Skull Studs Sterling Silver Skull Studs on Model - Black Feather Design
Maya Skull Studs from $24.00
Cast in 925 Sterling Silver, with intricate detailing resembling the Mayan Sun & Skull. To the Mayan culture, the sun signifies enlightenment, productivity, and divinity. No other civilisation regards the sun as highly as the Mayan civilisation. Skulls to the Mayan culture have a lot more of a positive meaning than the macabre Western point of view. They serve as an important reminder of living life to the fullest and honouring people who passed on with love & courage. This blend between the Mayan Skull and Sun is connecting these two powerful symbols that have such a beautiful meaning together in a little pair of studs.
Chameleon Fossil Stud - Sterling Silver - Gothic Jewellery Chameleon Fossil Studs - Black Feather Design
Chameleon Studs $41.00
This cute little fossilised chameleon is detailed front to back. Made of 925 Sterling Silver with a push-back clasp to fit the stud snugly to your ear. If you're looking for a unique Dinosaur themed gift, this stud would be perfect for the passionate palaeontologist and lover of prehistoric creatures like dinosaurs and reptiles! This is one piece of jewellery that will last long after you're gone. Sold as a pair Roughly 8mm in size
Sterling Silver Love Heart Earrings - Black Feather Design Silver Love Heart Studs on model - Black Feather Design
Love Potion Studs $33.00
These beautiful 925 Sterling Silver Heart studs are the perfect cute accessory for a little gothic love. Finely detailed little potion jar with thorn vines wrapping around the centre. An excellent gift for your Wiccan friend/partner who loves to create and craft their spells.
925 Sterling Silver Kudo antelope stud earrings 925 Sterling Silver Kudo antelope stud earrings
Antelope Earrings from $28.00
These beautiful mini 925 Sterling Silver Kudu Skull Studs come as pair and are perfect for any lover of the macabre. Intricately detailed with the antelopes antlers twisting around themselves and made mini as a subtle gothic statement. Stud size: 7mm x 18mm
Sterling silver witchy moth ring - Black Feather Design Dead Collective Moth - Model Photo - Black Feather Design
Dead Collective Moth $66.00
A beautiful sterling silver gothic moth, inspired by the beauty of the Death's-Head Hawk Moth. Crafted in 925 Sterling Silver and rendered with a delicately antiqued finish. This ring is adjustable to fit most fingers. The smaller band slides inside the other when adjusting to stop any catching and keep the ring sitting comfortably on your finger. Moth Dimensions: 20mm x 10mm
Enchanted Rose Enchanted Rose, Death's Head, Boo Signet rings by Black Feather Design
Enchanted Rose $79.00
Ornately detailed from the rose to the thorned vine that wraps around your finger. This beautiful "Enchanted Rose Ring" is adjustable to fit any finger you choose and cast in 925 Sterling Silver To capture more attention to the thorn-wrapped vine on the side of the ring, we recommend wearing this on the index finger to show off the ring in all its glory.
Stainless Steel Curb Chain Spinner Ring - Anxiety Ring - Black Feather Design Curb Chain Spinner Ring - Anxiety Ring - Black Feather Design
Curb Chain Spinner $24.00 $28.00
Cast in stainless steel with a rotating centre curb chain. Spinner rings have been growing in popularity for their benefits in helping keep fidgets busy.  Not sure what your ring size is? Use our RING SIZE CHART here to help find the best fit.
Large Stainless Steel Skull Ring - Black Feather Design Skull Ring - Stainless Steel - Gothic Ring
Classic Skull $39.00
The ring that started it all! This awesome, heavy stainless steel Skull Ring resonates with something important to our ethos. We aim to keep all of our skulls and detailing less stylised and more realistic. The "cartoony" pieces aren't our vibe, and we want to provide you with brutal yet real-looking designs. Get ready for the updated 925 Silver Ring! Read more about it and see the process HERE. Not sure what your ring size is? Use our RING SIZE CHART here to help find the best fit. Cast in Stainless Steel Height: 33mm Width: 20mm      
Sterling Silver Monster T-Rex Ring on white background - Black Feather Design Sterling Silver T-Rex Ring - Black Feather Design
T-Rex Ring $69.00
This beastly 925 Sterling Silver T-Rex is a significant feature piece for your hands to behold! This ring is also adjustable to fit comfortably around your finger (Recommended Ring Size US 8-12). The skull is intricately detailed, even down to the detail in the teeth. A perfect gift for any dinosaur lover or Jurassic Park fan! NOTE: These rings, whilst adjustable, are fragile, please seek professional assistance for adjusting the size, or contact us before shipping and we will do it for you. 
Wrapped Crocodile - 925 Sterling Silver by Black Feather Design on a white background Crocodile ring on a black background by Black Feather Design
Wrapped Crocodile $66.00
Cast with 925 Sterling Silver with intricately detailed scales across the body from head to tail. This adjustable little crocodile wraps his tail comfortably around your finger and can be adjusted to fit wherever you choose to wear it. "Never smile at a crocodile". Apart from this one, this one is fine; you can smile at this ring.  
Stainless Steel Spinner Ring with skulls by Black Feather Design Stainless Steel Spinner Ring with skulls by Black Feather Design
Skull Spinner - CLEARANCE $16.00 $39.00
CLEARANCE STOCK. The last remaining stock of these skull spinners. These items have slight blemishes, or inaccurate oil dips on skulls, reflected in the 60% clearance discount This spinner ring features our signature skull; every skull is individually dabbed in oil and baked through, giving each one its own identity and care and hallmarked with the Black Feather logo on the inside of the spinner. Covered in skulls, and it spins. All your gothic and anxiety needs in one spinner. Not sure what your ring size is? Use our RING SIZE CHART here to help find the best fit.
Stainless Steel black band spinner ring, anxiety relief, fidget ring Black Band Spinner - Black Feather Design
Black Band Spinner $20.00 $28.00
This Beautiful Stainless Steel Spinner ring will appease all your fidget needs. The centre black band rotates freely, giving you something to turn and help ease those anxiety build-ups when they start feeling like they're taking over. Not sure what your ring size is? Use our RING SIZE CHART here to help find the best fit. Since stainless steel can provide a non-reactive surface with a hypo-allergenic finish, it is ideal for all types of body jewellery. Moreover, because of its strength, the jewellery made of stainless steel is perfect for daily use.
Stainless Steel Feather Pendant - Black Feather Design Oli Brown wearing Raven Wing Pendant by Black Feather Design
Raven's Wing $35.00 $41.00
This beautiful feather pendant has intricate detail in the feathers, and we offer multiple chain lengths to fit any size you desire Made of Stainless Steel so it will continue to retain its detailing and never tarnish.
Stainless Steel Ram Skull Bracelet with natural lava stone beads Ben Poole Wearing Ram Skull Bracelet by Black Feather Design
Ram Skull Bracelet $35.00
A Stainless Steel Ram Skull surrounded by beautiful black Lava beads and glass stones of blue & green. The chord is adjustable to help fit varying wrist sizes from 17-21cm. Lava Stone is a grounding stone that strengthens one's connection to Mother Earth. It gives us strength and courage, allowing us stability through times of change. It provides guidance and understanding in situations where we may need to "bounce back". A calming stone instrumental in dissipating anger. In addition, it promotes positive changes where needed in behavioural issues. I wanted to blend the calm and connection with Mother Earth by having the little "Earth Beads" bring attention to the gothic centrepiece of the Stainless Steel Ram Skull.