Skull and Femur Skull and Femur - Beaded Bracelet - Natural Stone
Skull and Femur $95.00
Three 925 Sterling Silver Skull Charms and our signature Femur Bone Cube threaded between Black Matte Agate style beads and strong elastic chording. All the skulls are anatomically correct in their detailing to bring a darker sense of macabre to the piece. Two heads thread the beads through their jawline to crown the centre skull on top of the wrist.  The Femur Cube has the Black Feather Design iconography etched into each face and is cast with more weight to keep the bead sitting at the bottom of your wrist to help keep the centre piece skull as the main feature of this brutal bracelet. The moss agate style beads are 8mm in size—a beautiful compliment to the ever-growing gothic jewellery collection. Our favourite design yet.
Lonley End Bracelet - Skull Bracelet - Black Feather Design Skull Bracelet - Beaded Bracelet - Gothic Jewellery
Lonely End $67.00
The centrepiece of this stretch bracelet is our intricately detailed gothic sterling silver anatomical skull charm, complete with finely detailed teeth and hollowed-out eyes that stare deep into the abyss. Every detail has been carefully sculpted to leave no compromise. We've also included our signature femur cube charm, adorned with the Black Feather Design Logo and weighted to keep the skull charm sitting atop the wrist. We worked with our favourite matt black agate beads to contrast with the aged silver finish to make these charms stand out. And if you're looking to make a set, this bracelet pairs perfectly with our Skull And Femur Bracelet. Order yours today and show the world your dark side! Charm & Bead size: 9mm
Close up of large mountain ring - 925 Sterling Silver - Black Feather Design Mountains Ring set - 925 Sterling Silver - Black Feather Design
Mountains from $41.00
Keep your love of the mountains close to your heart with this beautiful 925 Sterling Silver Adjustable Mountain & Forest Ring. After such a fantastic response to the mini band, I wanted to create something with a thicker, wider band to offer another option for a more significant statement.This Mountain Ring connects you to your inner love for nature and all its beautiful shapes and sights. The mighty dominant mountains and life-giving trees are all a part of what makes us feel alive and bring us back to what's essential in life. Travelling and seeing the world with your own eyes. Let this ring bring alive your inner wanderlust. Mini Ring Adjustable from size 5 - 11 USLarge Band Adjustable from size 7 - 14 US
925 Sterling Silver Blue Goldstone Ring - Black Feather Design 925 Sterling Silver Blue Goldstone Ring - Black Feather Design
Geometric Blue Goldstone $65.00
A Large Blue Sandstone Ring with a 925 Sterling Silver Adjustable band. Blue Sandstone has the meaning and properties of clearing thoughts. It's a stone that means new beginnings and success. Its properties can neatly reset unnecessary negative thoughts such as "anxiety", "fear", "sadness", and "anger". It is useful when reorganising thoughts from scratch is necessary. It will lead to a straightforward answer. This ring is 21mm x 18mm. Hallmarked with the Black Feather Design Logo.
925 Sterling Silver Skull Pendant - Gothic Jewellery - Black Feather Design Ben Poole wearing Black Feather Design Gothic Jewellery
Mors Vincit Omnia from $100.00
Mors Vincit Omnia - Death Conquers All This pendant is a sentiment of the life we are born into and the fragility of our existence. This gift we are given is short and full of incredible and terrifying experiences; the only inevitable outcome in life is our death. The essential part of life is how we choose to live.⁠ Chain and pendant made from 925 Sterling Silver ⛓💀 Pair with the new “Black Feather Design” Belcher Chain. If just "Pendant" is selected, a wax rope necklace will be sent in place of the Belcher Chain. 
Sterling Silver Skull Pendant - Gothic Jewellery - Black Feather Design Dead Skull
Dead Skull from $121.00
This Anatomically styled Sterling Silver Skull Pendant is part of our ever-expanding collection of macabre. Hinged at the lower jaw, so the mouth opens and closes, giving this pendant its own life as it hangs around your neck. The chain itself is also made of sterling silver and given a rough-edged look to match the style of the skull pendant, making this pair a dark, brutal theme to help accessorise your inner goth. Large Skull - 18mm x 20mm - 60cm Chain Medium Skull - 14mm x 15mm - 60cm Chain
Skull Stud Earring - Gothic Earrings Model Wearing Skull Earring - Sterling Silver Gothic Stud Earring
Jawless from $48.00
A bold statement with a touch of macabre, these jawless stud earrings are inspired by the anatomy of the human skull and designed to be worn on their own or as a pair. Crafted in 925 sterling silver and textured with our unique finishing bringing an edgy touch to your style. These gothic studs pair beautifully with our best-selling Skull And Femur Bracelet. Dimensions: 9.5 x 8.2 mm
925 sterling silver bone cross stud earrings Ben Poole Wearing Black Feather Sterling Silver Earrings
Apostate from $37.00
The Apostate. They are crafted in 925 sterling silver, with two femurs interconnected and designed to look entwined in a rope to create the cross.  Some of our gothic jewellery is cast to strike the eye immediately; while these are small, they're bound to captivate as we squeeze as much detail front and back in these fine little pieces of macabre. Available as a pair or as a single stud. Dimensions 10 x 8mm
Sterling Silver Femur Earrings - Black Feather Design Ben Poole Wearing Bone Earrings - Black Feather Design
Femur Drops from $62.00
Our Femur Drop earrings are a brand-new gothic design for the store. Cast in 925 sterling silver, attached to an 11mm sleeper hoop, brutally based on the anatomy of a Human Femur. We've oxidised these heavily to bring out the depth in the details and weathered look of the bone. Some jewellery is made to be subtle, but not with this piece. With a style that lures everyone's eyes into this statement earring. To reduce the weight behind the femur bone, we've hollowed out the inside to make it comfortable to wear 24/7. You can buy them as a pair or as a single earring. Height (femur only): 27mm Width (femur only): 9mm Weight: 2.6 grams
Femur Bone Pendant - Sterling Silver Jewellery - Gothic Necklace Model Wearing Femur Pendant - Sterling Silver Pendant
Femur Pendant from $62.00
Introducing our 925 Sterling Silver Femur Pendant, this gothic pendant features anatomical detail that captures the essence of the femur bone, from its smooth curves to its weathered texture. This attention to detail creates a truly unique piece that will catch the eye of anyone who sees it. The inspiration for this pendant came from a customer request to create a matching pendant to our best-selling Femur Drop Earrings. Pair this with our Femur I.D. Belcher Chain. Dimensions: 27mm x 9mm
Stainless Steel Raven Skull Pendant - Black Feather Design Raven's Skull gothic pendant - Black Feather Design
Raven's Skull $42.00
The Raven's Skull. A stainless steel-heavy feature piece to wear around your neck. This pendant comes with a 60cm stainless-steel box chain. Get your inner Viking on or your inner Darkness out with a bit of macabre. Pendant Size: 30mm x 43mm Chain Length: 24 Inches
Sterling Silver Sword Pendant. Gothic Jewellery For Men Sword Pendant - Sterling Silver - Gothic Jewellery
Conquerer's Sword $131.00
The Conquerer's Sword. Cast in 925 Sterling Silver, this brutal pendant beholds the skulls of three fallen warriors, making this a perfect feature for any conquerer to wear on their neck. The tip of the sword is softly rounded to not conquer your skin upon wearing. Necklace length 60cm
Hanging Conquerer Hanging Conquerer
Hanging Conquerer from $61.00
The Hanging Conquerer. Cast in 925 Sterling Silver, These brutal earrings behold the skulls of three fallen warriors, making this a perfect feature for any conquerer to wear on their ears. The hilt and style represent the Carolingian sword (Viking Sword) in fine detail. During the Viking Age, the Carolingian Empire was central for advanced sword-smithing. As a result, the area produced the best quality weapons found in Central and Northern Europe. The tip of the sword is softly rounded to not pierce your skin upon wearing. Dimensions: 7mm x 33mm
925 Sterling Silver Belcher Chain for pendants 925 Sterling Silver Belcher Chain for pendants
Belcher Chain from $67.00
Made from 925 Sterling Silver, the signature Belcher Chain has come out with a new look - our Black Feather Design Femur Tag. We're ever playing with the macabre and working on bringing new twists to the collection. The logo is framed with crossed-over femurs (femora), oxidised heavily to create that dark look while still incredibly durable. The BFD Tag is 27mm x 16mm. Customisation is possible; please email to enquire if a specific length is needed. This necklace pair's with all our pendants such as the Mors Vincit Omnia Pendant.
Death's-Head Hawkmoth Pendant - Black Feather Design Death's-Head Hawkmoth Pendant - Black Feather Design
Death's-Head Pendant $33.00
This Death's-Head Hawkmoth Pendant is the Perfect Gift for any Moth lover! The Death Head Moth symbolises strong individuals who defy death and embrace their surroundings. Complete the whole set and get the matching ring & earrings. Cast in Zinc Alloy.
Papa Johns Pendant - Sterling Silver - Gothic Jewellery Papa Johns Pendant on model - Gothic Jewellery
Stranger Bling $67.00 $131.00
LIMITED EDITION! We've teamed up with Papa Johns to create the ultimate Pendant. Papa Johns commissioned us to reimagine its fan-favourite sauce as its first-ever item of jewellery. The perfect collector's item. The Stranger Bling necklace is forged in oxidised 925 sterling silver – a precious metal that is believed to repel vampires and werewolves – and is hinged to replicate the opening and closing of a real sauce pot. The pot has been crafted to fit a unique Halloween keepsake – a real garlic clove – which can be replaced with another tiny treasure. Also inside the pendant, we've stamped another surprise for the wearer – a mini pepperoni pizza with a missing slice. That pizza slice appears on the necklace’s belcher chain, as a charm detail. The unisex jewel, presented in an eco-friendly display box, features in a new teaser film, which spotlights the inspiration and craftmanship behind this one-of-a-kind accessory. Watch the Stranger Bling trailer HERE. Pendant size: 30mm x 12mm Chain Length: 50 - 55cm