Designing The Macabre

After numerous requests, I've been hard at work designing a brand new Skull Ring to be cast in 925 Sterling Silver.
Designing The Macabre - Black Feather Design

Making more oversized statement rings has been my goal since opening, and I'm beginning the next chapter of getting some more significant brutal pieces out.

Here's the starting phase of how the designs are made.

3D Scan of the new skull ring

We first draft out the details with 3D modelling software to figure out how we want the ring to sit and how detailed we want to make the design. 

After that process is complete, I print the ring in resin, review the design fit, and ensure there is enough depth in the render to bring out most of the detail.

Some parts came out great, but more tweaks were made on logo placement and getting enough support behind the teeth. To make this pop a bit more, I also pushed the depth of the detailing, so when it comes to casting, I'm getting the most out of the design.

Then comes the final review of the wax cast.

The detailing has come out a lot more; the logo is now pushed on the outside to hang along the side of the ring and ready to be cast into 925 Sterling Silver.

If you're into your gold and want this piece in gold, I will be providing this as a "Special Request" option.

For now, make sure to SIGN-UP to the mailing list to be the first to know when this gets released.